Saturday, 31 March 2012


Got my nails did today was so excited on doing them which was wired im normally so calm about it lol 
the nail technicians was so nice they were really conversing with me normally they would just sit in silents guess only in london.
i decided to go for the black with silver glitter cause i dnt normally have my nails black but then i thought why not and with the glitter in there im still in my safe zone :)


All: vintage 
Shoes: Michael Antonio 

Today wasn't such a sunny day quite windy actually so i just put together these lil number that i did perviously buy from the week before. 

i went to get my nails refill today felt as if it was the happiest day of my life for real i couldn't tell why lol but it was.


Tee: self made
Shorts: Topshop
Shoes: Michael Antonio 

This was the day it was really hot outside so I just put together this unconventional leather skirt with a casual, Im baffled by these massive weather fluctuations, now  its crappy again. Its about 40 degrees outside and it was almost 80 last week…unreal.

anyways i had two amazing pancakes from ihop the were finger licking good i enjoyed. 

Thursday, 29 March 2012

party in the usa

Tee: unknow
Legging: Topshop
Nike blazer: nike
Jacket: vintage 
Bag: vintage 

Today im leaving the city and heading down to boston for the weekend i do love it down there its more open and clean i guess thats the only way i can describe ir from the city :D

The lovely Amy

here is one of my lovely friend Amy that i use to work with while i was at Topshop she is such an amazing girl with an wicked style :) she is lush 

another hectic outing from the city to the Studio

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

My hectic day

Today was an hectic day for me running around in the city was crazy, from fabric stores to stores, but then i finally found most of what i needed :), here is a few snaps of my day.
 the spandex house

 me in the spandex house trying to match up fabric
 yesss i got all i needed
 fashion ave