Saturday, 15 December 2012

Night at ZUMA

Our night at ZUMA was most beautiful amazing food, vibe and great location. 
We had so much to eat it was crazy can't wait for my next visit. 
This was kind of a little celebration for successfully finishing the first semester of our final year in uni. 

p.s sorry for the photo overload 
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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

from me to me

an early X-mas present from me to me, thought i earned it after all my heard work for this pass few weeks and what better to celebrate than to smell good and no one does it better than chole hmmmm

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hard at Work

so this is what i have been up too for the past few weeks crazy busy studying and finalising my final collection for my end of year graduate show, it is an insane amount of work but it all has to be done (right) wish me luck

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hey guys yes i know i have been away for a min but im back now as i just had a huge deadline to meet but al is over well until the next one that is. anyways look what i found while i got home one of these fine days a gift from JC himself my very own new pair of the Jeffery Campbell Munsters heels and they are amazing love love them only downfall they are really heavy so when im walking it take more effort but as long as they look fierce on im kool lol

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