Monday, 30 April 2012

Heading for Brooklyn

Heading back to new York had an amazing week up in Boston, also looking forward to seeing my sister as she flys over from London tomorrow.

What I wore:

Top: H&M
Skirt: Topshop
Boots: hellbond by unif

Sunday, 29 April 2012


Ordered these socks from American Apparel a few days now and I just couldn't wait to dress em up I just also had to get the white ones too :D

What I wore:

Beanie: dollar store
Top: self made
Shots: customise
Socks: American Apparel
Boots: hellbond by unif

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Sarah Tarrant Kuang

From The moment i set my eyes on this girl i fell completely in love with her style her face she looks amazing. Here is her on The Streets of Sydney she is an upcoming model her name is Sarah Tarrant Kuang. her look is like an updated Agyness Deyn, only with Pippy Longstocking-esque freckles. Check out these wonderful shoots I found of her look out for her she will be blowing up.

Lost in thoughts

Thought i would go back a few decades with my look today, i bought these lovely shoes yesterday and i just had to dress up in them right away, i just kinda put together this little number in seconds as the shoes was the main part to the outfit.

So today I'm Heading to go find a sexy but classic outfit with a bit of my madness of course for the big dance to night (excited) yes!.

Top: American apparel
Skirt: second hand
Shoes: brash
Parse: vintage

Friday, 27 April 2012

It was a windy day yo!

As you can see from the hair blowing hence the sweater it was heck windy today woo... Heading out to the stores to find my cuz an outfit for the big dance tomorrow (excited) yes!. I'm pleased cause I will be styling her :D

What I wore:

Top: second hand
Shorts: second hand Levi's
Jumper: Topshop
Boots: hellbond by unif
Disco pants: American apparel

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Got inked

Finally got my Marilyn quote that I've been longing to get now, it entitle "imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."

What I wore:

Top: second hand
Jeans: Topshop
Bag: vintage
Creepers: underground