Sunday, 30 September 2012

Messing on imovie

Hey guys here is a quick little video i did while playing around on my imovie its entitle don't judge me so don't (lol). 

Sister's Project

Another day spent with my two favourite ladies, my two sisters are amazing we where on a shopping madness in oxford St. we where also there because my little sister is doing a project at college which she has to do an untold story and she decide to based it on me as a young up and coming fashion designer so she was do small clips of filming and asking me questions etc. i will be posting the finishing video as soon as she is completed with it. 

have a great sunday one and all 
Puss Puss

Friday, 28 September 2012

Retuning Back

So i'm officially back at uni just the second day and im already stock up with work and a deadline in 2 and a half weeks. so i just took a few quick snaps of me and Lo' on our way into the studio.

was having a crazy bonding evening with my two sisters please excuses our madness but we just enjoy and love everything life throws at us, some have you might have notice or not but my image qualities have been better as i'm using a friends camera until i purchased my own Soon! so for now please keep checking in. 

Puss Puss

Monday, 24 September 2012

Shivs and Lo' 24th

HEY! All so sorry i haven't been updating since my arrival back in London just been so busy with sorting out uni stuff and getting everything back on top here, so i haven't really found time to check in but i can assure you all that i will try my best to upload at least once  a week. 
On monday the 17th was my sister's 24th birthday and Wednesday the 19th of september was also my good friend 24th birthday so we decided to do a Joint celebration wish made life much easier as they both had mutual friends so everyone got on, we all gathered together for a meal at Dim T great restaurant with a stunning view of tower bridge and just enjoyed each other company and funny convos. 
until next post 
puss puss 

Sunday, 2 September 2012


Today was all about running a few last minute erronds as my time in the USA is almost up *tears* but what an experience it has been, so i was just out and about in boston trying to get those last minute things to bring back for the family. 

Wearing my JC Str8ups for the second time again today and man are they comfy and they was the attention catcher for this outfit never mind my customised t-shit. all eyes was on the Str8ups and i was fully loving it (ha). 

until next post 
Puss Puss