Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Hey guys so as you all know my brand name is la folie est genie and i have been working on my logo for a while now and this is what we have come up with but knowing me it will probably change again but i really hope not well we do have a brand new home over on Facebook so please follow the link and like my brand page, i will be post every piece of info on their about the rise and falls of the L.F.E.G so go and press that like button.

thanks guys

Puss Puss

Monday, 28 January 2013

behind the scenes

Never too late for some behind the scenes footage of my pervious photo-shoot for the caged freedom collection. 

Thursday, 24 January 2013


New Shoe Alert!!

so i don't know if you guys have notice but i have a obsession with shoes especially heels, its like my crazy drug. i will do a post of all my heels one day so until that day lets just enjoy these new beauts i got from office and they are off course by Jeffery Campbell. they are true to size but thing they will still need a lil break in just before you decide to go long hours in them.

Oh and yes like i have mention in pervious post i am growing my real hair out and i did warn you not to be alarmed that i will me wearing protective styles this is just that in case you was wondering.

wearing: coat: vintage, t-shirt: brashy couture, jeans: american apparel, scarf: h&m, bag: zara, shoes: Jeffery Campbell

Puss Puss


receive these in the post yesterday from Dolls Kill they are the Hellbent boots by UNIF, i love them so much but sadly i had to return them but only to get an exchange cause they were the wrong size so as soon as they are back with me i will do more post on them.

Puss Puss

Sunday, 20 January 2013

caged freedom

This is my first outfit with illustration from my collection i named it the caged dress. 

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Buddha Belly

Tonight was a special one was out celebrating my BFF 23rd birthday, at a cute little place in Bromley called Buddha belly, the food was amazing the company was even better. 

i simply wore 

Top: Zara
Jeans: American Apparel 
Bag: Zara 
Shoes: Jeffery Campbell 

Thursday, 17 January 2013


Im in love all over again with my Marc Jacobs watch and my Jeffery Campbell i love them so much, and im not normally a fan of heels none other than platforms but i saw these beauty and thought they had to be mine, and my watch is all curtsies of my cuz late Christmas present i only got it now cause he lives in the usa.

want more then stick around for even more

Puss Puss

going natural

Some of you that follow me on twitter @tieona_venessa may already know that im going all natural with my hair YES! you reed it right i will be growing out my hair so no more shaving or dying especially no relaxing for me no more.

yes i know some of ya'll thinking there is no way she is going to las but i promise you it has been something i wanted to to do for a while but just didn't have the courage, but i thought im not getting any younger so why not. but i will be wearing protective styles so don't get alarmed when you see me post pics of me in weave etc 

because im now just going though that stage where its just a lil baby fro im currently wearing one of my favourite wig many of you know i own alot of those ha but yeah. 

yesterday i meet up with a few friends that i haven't seen in a while, these two are my fierce bunch love them to bits their wardrobe forever amaze me.

Puss Puss

quick update

Hey guys hope all is well, this pass week as truly been a blessing i mean im off from uni until feb so i was just fully taking advantage of that and relaxing and laying in until any time i want but like i said i can only be doing this until feb which is round the conner.

Then its back to work for me :(, but i will be trying my best as i do to upload as much as i can on how my collection is going but went out like last week Saturday for a quick dinner with my sisters didnt really take much photos but here are the ones we did

Puss Puss

Thursday, 10 January 2013

caged freedom

Hey guys I would like to wish each and everyone who has supported me this far a happy belated new year and hope you still continue to support me has i have many wonderful and beautiful things in store to share with you all this year.

For the past few weeks even over the christmas this is what i've been up too finalising my line up, and making it better from the one i posted perviously as you can see this one just speaks for it self.
So this is my final line up, all ready and set to be made up for my final collection which is only in a few months away which means sleepless nights and lot and lots of red-bull drinking for me, so stay tune for them to come to life!

until next post
Puss Puss