Tuesday, 27 March 2012

its a valet tuesday

Top: Topshop
Jacket: Vintage 
Skirt: vintage

Today me and my bubba olivia hanged out we went to the mall got we nails did and window shop around it was a lovely day. 

it was so funny while we was in the nail shop as im in boston which you can say is the city for the old and grown so they get everything late anyway when i told the lady i wanted my nails pointed it was if i just committed a sin or offered her she was like say what lool the poor lady did not have a clue. 
then i started to panic now thinking oh great now my nails not gonna get done cause these people are still on square on shit lol but thank god for all them rihanna pics i did save because i actually had to show her the style of thr nail i wanted from a oic can you imagine smh the reality. 

thankful she understood the pictue and i was happy with the outcome :D

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