Wednesday, 4 April 2012

City life

Crazy day today was, and the fact that it was so windy and a bit of sunny at times did not help much.

Anyway I got to the studio a bit late today *cover eyes* but cause Geoffrey is so amazing he didn't even take no notice :). Then I got sent out on all these herons whew I do love going into the city I ain't gonna lie, love when no one else wants to go that way I'm always going which is great cause sometimes being in the studio all day long can be kind of a drag :/ working on
patterns etc.

I had to go to almost every fabric shop today to match up yet another hard to het fabric, I also visited spandex house they are amazing they have the best stretch spandex in all types of color it's just breath taking in there.

But yes today was a pretty good day I couldn't help myself had to take a few snaps of the stores I went on to today enjoy. X

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