Friday, 13 April 2012

It's not even my birthday

Shirt: second hand
Legging: America apparel
Bag: vintage
Boots: hellbond by unif

Outfit for today was all about the hellbond. Went to dinner at the cutest Buffett I only had sea food btw as I'm serious about my fish only diet -_- no joke need to get back in shape I'm slipping.

But that's not even the highlight today no I lock the keys to my cuz truck in the truck while it was still running omg he was so pissed he was there for minutes trying to figure a way he could get in the truck until a lovely man stop to help us thank god cause it was getting so late and I was cold. But the moral if the story is dnt lock ur keys in ur car lol

Dream big xoxo

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  1. your style is gorgeous. love your blog def gonna follow you!