Tuesday, 7 August 2012

don't play leap frog with a unicorn

Was just playing around with a few new ideas on photoshop for an upcoming project i shall be working on, i didn't really choose a theme this time as i normal would have instead i just went with this great quote 'don't play leap frog with a unicorn' i reed it somewhere while i was browsing and just fell for it ever since. so i will just be making up my own concept and story just from those seven words and i also will be going way back in to the 20th century say around the 30-40 for some inspiration for my silhouettes and shapes etc and smocking is also an important fact in this too i tried it on a pervious project i did and i simply loved it so will defo be carrying on with it on this one. 

im so excited about this project can't wait to actually start making these designs into garment its just great. 
until next post 
Puss Puss

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